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“How can we pronounce the name of Cliento without feeling the heart beating?”

Pisciotta is a medieval suburb in the national Park of Cliento and Vallo di Diano, about 100 km south of Salerno. The national park of Cliento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni is a natural protected area of about 181048 hectares.
Since 1998 it is World Heritage Site of the UNESCO, with the archeological sites of Paestum, Velia and the Certosa of Padula. Since 1997 it is Reserve of the biosphere and since 2010 it is the first italian park that has become Geopark.

It’s the year 915 that signs the birth of Pisciotta. The inhabitants of Pixous (Policastro), after the Saracens pillaged and set fire to their village, escaped on the Mountains or the near uplands. A lot of them moved beyond the promontory of Palinuro, where they created a little village, that they called ,in memory of the lost homeland, “Pixoctus” (little Pixous).
The year 1464 signs for the village a remarkable development when the surviving inhabitants of Molpa, after the destruction of their village, took shelter in Pisciotta.
The year 1806 was “theatre” of fierce fightings between the French  and the Borbouns. The war between French and Spanish, the revolts of Cliento and Garibaldi’s epic ventures, in which, in the name of indipendence and freedom, took part a lot of Pisciotta’s citizens, are the great events of history that involved the village.

Tracks, memories, monuments, cultures, paths associated with this rich history are safeguarded thanks to the National Park of Cliento, inserted in the network of the Reserves of biosphere of Mab-Unesco (where “Mab” stands for “Man and biosphere”). All over the planet (in more than 80 states), there are about 350 of these special protected areas, that serve to protect biodiversity and promote development compatible with nature and culture.